Our dedicated transportation team provides you  with expertise, resources and the service you need, at a cost you can manage

We supply the following timber. Wet Off Saw Pallet Materials Mining Timber Transmission Poles Building and Fencing All timber supplied according to customer's specifications.

We  manufacture pallets, and supply cement companies we are moving 1000 pallets per day to our customers  We doing export and import pallets products, we manufacture all types of pallets

We supply all major hardware in south Africa Roofing trusses Sizes of products is 38x114x6. M or 6.6m 50x76 x6. M or 6.6m 38x38 x6. M or 6.6m We produce all different types of products from timber just give us a call and name your requ

Transportation of goods and services, we transporting all South African materials around South Africa we provide good services we are registered with biggest corporate companys, we also offer contracts for transportation for smaller companies to prov

We offer contracts and help with facilitating in house finance for the trucks with 24 months to pay call us for more information about our products. Facilitate business finance we are registered with company's help small companies to get their
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