Company History                                                                                               

Vikoma Investments Pty Ltd. originated from Mpumalanga Lowveld founded by Mr Vincent Komana.

With over 15 years of Operational Management in Transportation and Forestry, He founded Vikoma Investments Pty Ltd. Being driven by a passion for serving customers and growing the business. He managed to diversify his business into Forestry, Timber processing, Sourcing, Distribution and Plant Hire.

Our Vision

 As a leader in Transport, Logistics, and Forestry, Our primary objective is to provide quality, efficiency, cost management, speed service, industry expertise and customer service excellence.

Our Mission

A commitment to our customers and dedicated team that drives us to deliver consistent value, making Vikoma Investments a supplier of choice.



Markets We Serve


Our dedicated services provide expertise and resources at the cost you can manage, no matter what market you operate in.


Core Services


  • Timber Sawmilling
  • Machine & Plant Hire                                                                                                                    
  • Primary Distribution
  • Secondary Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Products Sourcing


Customer Service


As a part of our goal to provide our clients with superior services, we will continually develop additional support services when requested to ensure our position as their provider of choice, by delivering high-quality service.
We look forward to providing both you and your customers top quality service based on what you value most.

Integrity and accountability speak for themselves. It is in our actions, not our words. Our employees are pre-screened prior to employment at Vikoma Investments. Our success is driven by your success. Allow us to earn your business, and you will experience working with the most dedicated, efficient team in the industry.



To truly perform at a successful rate it requires expertise, skill, accountability, flexibility and commitment. At Vikoma Investments, we understand                                                                                                                    the meaning and purpose of cost management, and that is why we value each                                                                                                                    and every rand that you spend.




Operational Office



Pretoria Branch Office






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